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Used Cars Mississauga

When I told my friends that I was going to buy a used car for the first time, just about everyone referred me to the same dealership. My mom. My brother. My boss. The guy who bags my groceries. I’m not even kidding you, every time someone heard me talking about buying a used car, everyone recommended the same dealership.

I even posted about it on social media to try to get some other recommendations and everyone said the same thing. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. There were a few people who recommended 2 other places. But the same dealer got an overwhelming amount of support. Apparently, they not only had used cars mississauga loves. They also had amazing service.

So, I decided to give it a go. I was skeptical, of course. I just assume most salesmen are trying to get as much money out of me as they could. I wasn’t as worried about the quality of the vehicle. I’m not sure why. In addition to being highly recommended, the place has been in business for a lot of years. I didn’t think they could have lasted as long as they did if they sold junk. (I was later told this was pretty naive of me but, oh well, live and learn, right?)

I looked around the lot and not only did I find some decent cars, I found 2 that I really wanted to buy. I couldn’t believe it, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find anything that would interest me and here I was having to decide between 2 different cars. And they were both reasonably priced! I was so torn.

My brother’s a mechanic so he came along with me to check them out before I made a final decision. There were a few little things that needed addressed but nothing that would require too much money. In fact, the dealer said that she’d have it all taken care of if I came back the next day to sign the papers.

And sure enough, she did. Not that I had any doubt by that point. Everything about my experience there was great! Now I understood why they came so highly recommended! Now, I’m just like everyone else. As soon as anyone asks about decent used car dealerships mississauga has to offer, I make the same recommendation as everyone else. I also recommending checking out for information on car pricing. Great website to get some info, and to compare car dealerships if you’re into that.

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