The Vast Array of Services Offered By Tulsa Electricians

Tulsa Electricians – What they can do

You’d be surprised just how many different things you can have done by electricians Tusla. To be honest, it was something that I hadn’t really given much thought to before. I’m not an electrician and I don’t have any building experience or knowledge on DIY housing projects, so it’s no surprise that I didn’t know much about the field.

We’ve had numerous break-ins in my area in the last year and it’s gotten everyone in our neighbourhood a bit panicky. We’re all wondering who is going to be robbed and burgled next, and hoping that it’s definitely not us. My next-door neighbour had full CCTV and security lighting installed on his property and I was so impressed with the array that I had my own set-up installed the very next week by the same company.

In fact, I was so impressed that I decided to have the electrician go over my whole home to see what else needed doing. The electrician from TL Davis Electrics and Designs ( said that the wiring and circuitry around my home was fine, but then he astounded me with the vast array of services that their company actually offered.

Where I live in Tulsa, it can get pretty hot in the summer so we end up racking up quite the electric bill by using the AC. The electrician told us that we can have highly efficient ceiling fans installed to keep us cool without breaking the bank, as well as high powered AC units for rooms that need that extra chill in the summer.

They can install LED lighting around the home to give it a cool, almost futuristic feel, which is something that I’m seriously considering now as well as upgrading our panels too. As he told me all this, I was keeping a mental list of all the future electrical work I would be having done over the coming year.

I’ll be ringing them up again shortly to get a quick and free quote for all these further works, as well as passing on their details to my other neighbours too.

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