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My name is Jen, I’m a law student and soon to be lawyer ( I hope)

I work and live in California ( Guess where), and hope to finish law school soon enough. My area of interest is in Parental rights, hence the name of this website.

There’s a lot of misconcepetions when it comes to parental rights, far too much. So I’ve decided to write about it, especially as it pretains to California. Sorry to everyone living elsewhere.

This website will also be my own personal blog, so expect random goodness coming at you!

Living in california is fun, but there’s lots of things that aren’t so great in this state, hence I’ll be writing about it.

Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit Is a Thing

Why Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit Rocks!

When we decided to get a second car, it was pretty obvious that it was going to make life so much better. My husband and I had been sharing one car, which was fine. Until we had the twins. It was really hard for me to take him to work every day in order to have the car at home. And I needed the car because having twins means endless trips to the store to get more formula or milk or diapers. Plus, they would generally only nap when they were in the car so I spent a lot of time in there.

I stopped working after we had the twins because we didn’t have a lot of help. Babies are hard, especially 2 at the same time. I don’t think I slept for the first 3 months. Anyway, we needed a second car and shopped around a bit until we found the right one.

But the car was only part of it, of course. We also had to insure it. Money was tight and we were pretty worried about adding too much to the monthly budget, especially after taking on a second car payment. Insurance isn’t something you can just forget about, though, so we decided we needed to find very cheap insurance car insurance no deposit. When we were talking about it, we weren’t even sure that was a thing!

Finding no cheap car insurance with no deposit

After asking around and doing some research, we discovered that, yes, that’s a thing. We almost couldn’t believe our luck. We found a few different companies that offered it and then made some calls the next day. We found the companies here by the way: Before dinner, we’d found exactly what we were looking for. The next morning, my husband drove himself to work and I didn’t have to get the twins ready to leave the house or worry about getting off schedule. Schedules are essential with twins. If I didn’t have one, I would have gone insane in those early months.

The fact that something we didn’t think existed was actually pretty easy to find was pretty surprising to me and my husband. But it just goes to show you that it’s important to look around. We actually got our policy from the fourth agent we called. She seemed very sympathetic to our situation and really sounded like she wanted to help. I wouldn’t have thought that was real, either, someone selling you insurance who’s willing to listen as much as she did. It made the whole experience so much better.

Used Cars Mississauga –

Used Cars Mississauga

When I told my friends that I was going to buy a used car for the first time, just about everyone referred me to the same dealership. My mom. My brother. My boss. The guy who bags my groceries. I’m not even kidding you, every time someone heard me talking about buying a used car, everyone recommended the same dealership.

I even posted about it on social media to try to get some other recommendations and everyone said the same thing. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. There were a few people who recommended 2 other places. But the same dealer got an overwhelming amount of support. Apparently, they not only had used cars mississauga loves. They also had amazing service.

So, I decided to give it a go. I was skeptical, of course. I just assume most salesmen are trying to get as much money out of me as they could. I wasn’t as worried about the quality of the vehicle. I’m not sure why. In addition to being highly recommended, the place has been in business for a lot of years. I didn’t think they could have lasted as long as they did if they sold junk. (I was later told this was pretty naive of me but, oh well, live and learn, right?)

I looked around the lot and not only did I find some decent cars, I found 2 that I really wanted to buy. I couldn’t believe it, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find anything that would interest me and here I was having to decide between 2 different cars. And they were both reasonably priced! I was so torn.

My brother’s a mechanic so he came along with me to check them out before I made a final decision. There were a few little things that needed addressed but nothing that would require too much money. In fact, the dealer said that she’d have it all taken care of if I came back the next day to sign the papers.

And sure enough, she did. Not that I had any doubt by that point. Everything about my experience there was great! Now I understood why they came so highly recommended! Now, I’m just like everyone else. As soon as anyone asks about decent used car dealerships mississauga has to offer, I make the same recommendation as everyone else. I also recommending checking out for information on car pricing. Great website to get some info, and to compare car dealerships if you’re into that.

The Vast Array of Services Offered By Tulsa Electricians

Tulsa Electricians – What they can do

You’d be surprised just how many different things you can have done by electricians Tusla. To be honest, it was something that I hadn’t really given much thought to before. I’m not an electrician and I don’t have any building experience or knowledge on DIY housing projects, so it’s no surprise that I didn’t know much about the field.

We’ve had numerous break-ins in my area in the last year and it’s gotten everyone in our neighbourhood a bit panicky. We’re all wondering who is going to be robbed and burgled next, and hoping that it’s definitely not us. My next-door neighbour had full CCTV and security lighting installed on his property and I was so impressed with the array that I had my own set-up installed the very next week by the same company.

In fact, I was so impressed that I decided to have the electrician go over my whole home to see what else needed doing. The electrician from TL Davis Electrics and Designs ( said that the wiring and circuitry around my home was fine, but then he astounded me with the vast array of services that their company actually offered.

Where I live in Tulsa, it can get pretty hot in the summer so we end up racking up quite the electric bill by using the AC. The electrician told us that we can have highly efficient ceiling fans installed to keep us cool without breaking the bank, as well as high powered AC units for rooms that need that extra chill in the summer.

They can install LED lighting around the home to give it a cool, almost futuristic feel, which is something that I’m seriously considering now as well as upgrading our panels too. As he told me all this, I was keeping a mental list of all the future electrical work I would be having done over the coming year.

I’ll be ringing them up again shortly to get a quick and free quote for all these further works, as well as passing on their details to my other neighbours too.

Searching For The Absolute Cheapest Auto Insurance

Finding Who Has The Cheapest Auto Insurance

I’m an extremely careful driver. I’ve been driving for almost three decades and have had literally zero accidents or incidents. There have been close calls and near misses, the other person’s fault, but never a full accident. Thus, I have never in my entire driving life had to make an insurance claim. In fact, I’ve never even had to pay out for a scratch or a knock at all.

I never drive over the speed limit, I don’t use my cellphone, I don’t blast the radio or anything silly like that. When I drive, it’s one hundred percent focus on the road and the physical and mental act of driving. I also have a private and secure garage that houses my car when it’s not in use so the chance of theft is incredibly unlikely.

My car receives regular services and I always make sure that it is in perfect running order. Every couple of years, I purchase a new car to make sure my vehicle is as safe and well-running as it can possibly be. In my older age, I even find myself driving less and less and walking/cycling everywhere. So the risk of having an accident and having to claim is lowered even further.

Yet even with all of my careful considerations, I blow quite a bit of money every month on my auto insurance policy. As you may have guessed from my cautious nature stated above, I make sure that I am fully covered for any eventuality and demand fairly low excesses so that I am never caught out. This has caused my monthly payments to swell high, even with all of those years of no claims behind me.

But my current policy runs out in a couple of months and I feel that it is time to switch companies and see if the grass is greener on the other side. With this many years of no claims and every consideration prepared for by myself, it should only be a simple case of searching for who has the cheapest auto insurance and switching over to them. I may even take of my full coverage car insurance plan and go with very cheap car insurance no deposit. Since no deposit car insurance costs far less money.

I look forward to the next few years enjoying all the extra money that I will be saving by switching to cheaper auto insurance.

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